Friday, May 21, 2010

1 lb At a Time: Week 3

1 lb at a time

It's time again for a weight loss update!  I'm down a total of 2 lbs... could be better but could be worse.  I have the hardest time with will power.  This week held many challenges:  my sister was here and wanted ice cream (doesn't sound too bad but we bought 3 half gallons because they were on sale 3 for $6) and I went on a date with the Hubbins.  So, I tried to behave but not deprive myself.  I only ate half of my food at Olive Garden which left me full but not 'can't button my pants stuffed'.  Honestly, it made the rest of the day more enjoyable because I wasn't so uncomfortable.  Second, I had much less ice cream then I normally would and after my sister left I tossed the rest!  Yup, 3 half gallons in the garbage!  If they were in my freezer, I'd be too tempted!

So, I was happy to see the additional lb come off.  Even though it's only 2 lbs, I feel different.  I worked out or walked 4 days this week and I think it's helping a lot.  Yesterday I was wearing the first pair of jeans I bought after having Abby and I could have wiggled right out them.  Don't get me wrong, they weren't falling to the floor but as I playing with Abby at Gymboree I had to keep pulling them up.  YAY!  So, the number isn't changing too much but I am which is ok by me!

This weeks challenge was to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  I used to drink nothing but water but lately soda has been sneaking in there and I'm just not drinking as much as I should.  So, the first few days I was able to get in about 32 oz a day.  On Wednesday, a light bulb went off and I decided to fill a 2 quart pitcher with water for the day so that I could monitor myself.  It worked!  Wednesday and Thursday I was able to drink the whole 64 oz and I'm on track to do so today!  We are supposed to give ourselves 1 point for each 8 oz so by the end of today I will have 40 points!

My goals for next week are pretty much the same as they have been.  I want to step up the distance I walk from 2 miles to 4 miles and keep up with my mini workouts I do at home (I usually do a 10 or 20 minute workout courtesy of exercise tv).  If there are any fellow walkers or runners out there, I can across this great site,, which lets you create routes and gives you an accurate distance.  Awesome site!  I also hope to make the best choices possible.  Abby and I are going away for a long weekend to visit family and car rides are tough.  We'll probably be in the car for about 18 hours over the course of 4 days.  My plan is to bring lots of healthy snacks and lots of music and toys to keep Abby entertained!


  1. Awesome job on drinking the water! Isn't it funny how if it is front of you, you will drink it? But if you only see a glass at a time, you may not drink as much?

  2. Yeah, this is great! I love walking, too! Thanks for the link, I always lose the mile tracker I use every now and again. Congrats on the water drinking and I hope the road trip was good to you. I road trip about 14 hours every month and try to pack snacks & sandwiches so I'm not tempted to stop anywhere.



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