Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How I Met My Husband....

Finally, after months and months, the Hubbins and I got to go on a date night.  Well, it was more like a date day, thanks to my sister who drove 3.5 hours to baby sit for us!  THANK YOU!  We went to see Iron Man 2 (which is a great movie), then out to eat at Olive Garden, and finally to play mini golf.  It's funny, those few hours we spent together seemed to be just what we needed.  Lately, we have been acting like children who just can't seem to get along.  It's amazing how taking time to just be 'us' seemed to change all that!

It made me think, I haven't said too much about the Hubbins so let me fill you in.  His name is Dan and we met in 2004 right before he was deployed to Iraq.  We were at a bar (yes, you can find love at a bar!) and introduced by his friend and that was that, immediate chemistry.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, we had our first fight that same night (fortunate because it was also our last fight for a long time and I got to see that other side of him) over something silly but we made up and hung out as much as we could before he left.  We had our ups and downs during his deployment because, honestly, we hardly knew one another.  We both took a leap of faith and decided to move in together as soon as he got home.  It was worth it!

The most surprising thing I learned about my husband is that he is a total comic book fan boy!  He had mentioned it a couple times but not until we moved in together did I really grasp the magnitude of his Wolverine obsession.  Our spare bedroom was filled with figures, posters, and other memorabilia... it looked like a 12 year old boys room.  It was so funny to see people's faces when they came to visit!  He loves to add to his collection too... does anyone else have to shop at Toys R Us for Christmas and Birthday presents for their husband?  Action figures, video games... he truly is a big kid but that's part of the reason I love him!  

When we got pregnant with Abby it was time to clear out the room and make it her room.  I felt terrible... like I was packing him up and moving him out.  He handled it like a champ and now the comic books sit in the corner of our bedroom.  There are a few other things scattered around and I know he misses all of his 'stuff' but hopefully one day we'll have a house with a basement so he can have his own room again!  


  1. My husband still has his record collection and plays them in his office in the basement.

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  2. what a cute story!!! :) stopping by from SITS by the way!



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