Friday, May 7, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's 5 Question Friday!  If you want to join in on the fun, hop on over to Mama M's and link up!

1.  What is your worst memory of your siblings?
My worst memory is from when my brother and I were home alone and he decided to chase me around with his pet snake.  I actually grabbed a kitchen knife and the chase proceeded down the stairs and outside. I am so surprised my Aunt who lived downstairs didn't call the police!

2.  What was your naughtiest childhood memory? (Must be something you did.  No pawning it off on someone else).
I was an angel and really can't think of any naughty things I did.  Totally kidding.  There are actually so many to pick from that it's a little embarrassing!  My poor parents... I hope Abby is nothing like me between the ages of 12 and 17!  For the record, I grew up to be a very responsible level headed adult... surprisingly, going to college made me grow up!  So, since I couldn't pick just one, here's my short list...
  • house party 
  • college party at 15
  • college party at 15 and then sneaking into someone grandfather's house (who wasn't home) until morning
  • pulling the wool over my mother's eyes while a friend got yelled at by my dad for being drunk (I swear mom, only she was drinking!)
  • watching my mom leave for work and then going home instead of school
  • stealing (once, getting caught, NEVER again)

I cringe remembering all this badness!

3.  Where do you go to relax?
My couch.  It's new and has one of those chaise lounges attached... that's my spot!!! I love plopping down at night and catching up on some tv with my hubbins!

4.  What was the last thing you won?
$20 on a scratch off!  Except, it's a New Jersey lottery ticket and I live in Maryland so I haven't cashed it in yet.

5.  If you could be on a game show, which one would you choose?
I'm terrible at trivia and thinking under pressure so my choices are slim.  I would have to say Deal or No Deal but I'd probably 'deal' pretty quickly!

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