Susan G. Komen 3-Day

Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime!

Each year, thousands of men and women come together after raising money and awareness for Susan G. Komen.  The money they raise for goes towards breast cancer research, treatment, and education.  To date, over $1.5 billion dollars has been invested in this mission and nearly every major advancement in the past 27 years has been impacted by Susan G. Komen.

The organization was founded by Nancy G. Brinker in honor of her sister, Susan G. Komen, who passed away from breast cancer.  Her promise to her sister was to do everything in her power to put an end to breast cancer.  As a result, Komen for the Cure was founded in 1982.  Participants in the 3-Day event will walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days and with each step they are helping fulfill Nancy G. Brinker's promise. 

Globally, 1.3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and it takes the life of over 465,000 women a year.  Unfortunately, my mom was one of the women who lost her fight in 2009.  That is why I walk... so that one day someone's mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, or friend does not suffer the same fate.  

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