Friday, October 5, 2012

What's New: A Bunch of Randomness

It's been a Murphy's Law kind of a week.  Seriously, 7 straight days of things just going wrong in one way or another.  I'm over it and looking forward to a fun weekend visiting family!

Since I'm sure you can all imagine that kind of a week, I won't bore you with the details.  I thought I'd fill you in on some of the randomness going on in the world of my kiddos.

  • I shared this video the other day, but one of the biggest changes this past week is that Lilly is finally walking!  Everywhere!!!!!  She doesn't like being confined to the stroller anymore and very rarely crawls around the house.  It still makes me smile when I see how proud she is of herself.  She is one cute little walker!
  • Abby has been moved into her big girl bed!  She was a little upset that her new bedding doesn't have both Minnie and Princesses on it, however.  If only I could sew maybe we could make that happen.  Unfortunately, I don't see myself taking up a new skill anytime soon so she'll have to live with flowers for a while.

  • Speaking of princesses, suddenly Abby is on a princess kick.  Her favorite is Sleeping Beauty because she likes her pink dress.  It's so bad that tomorrow she wants to wear this dress on our vacation (a weekend trip to Pennsylvania):  
She also wanted me to wear my wedding dress today, which hasn't fit since the day I got married.  My choice of flip flops when I went out to clean my car was also met with disapproval.  Apparently, heels are more fashionable! 
  • Proving that kids are a walking set of contradictions, my little princess was eating her boogers the other night.  When I tried to explain why boogers are not a good food choice, she started crying.  Not just any cry, but full blown sobbing.  Finally she said, "I am just so hungry and I don't know what to eat!"  I don't make it a habit to laugh at my crying kids, but that was just too funny!!
  • One of Lilly's favorite things right now is electrical cords.  She pulled the plug out of the computer the other day and broke it, leaving us without a computer for a few days.  I was little bit lost and VERY thankful for my IPod!

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  1. Kasey, you've got a serious fashionista on your hands. too cute! Hope your week gets better.



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