Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Award Goes To.....

I am so excited to have received 2 awards this week!  The first one is the Sunshine Award from Shelly Belly's.  She has really cute baby gift ideas and posts really cute videos.  Thanks Shelly!

I also received the Preppy Mafia award from Adventures in Mommywood.  She's the mommy of the cutest little girl and writes a little about everything from mommyhood to wifehood!

These awards have rules attached which made it difficult because I had to pick blogs to pass them on to. I had the hardest time choosing!  So, to make matters easy for myself, I decided to award each one to the same blogs.  So the following blogs have won both awards!  Congratulations!  
If you would like to accept the Sunshine Award, copy the picture above and paste it to your blog.  Then chose 12 recipients to pass it on to.  Pretty easy, unless your indecisive and a procrastinator like me!

For the Preppy Mafia, copy and paste the image.  You can then award it to 10 new people but you also have to answer the following questions!  Don't worry, there not too tough!

1.  Who is your style icon?  
I think I would need to have a style to have an icon.  LOL

2.  What is your favorite socialite book?  
What is a socialite book?  Ok, I'm feeling frumpy and uneducated... moving along!

3.  Favorite party theme?
O boy, now I also feel like a shut in!  Do people actually throw themed parties often? 

4.  Go to Halloween costume?
Ah Ha! One I can answer!  Last year I was a witch and since it was the first time I dressed up in years, it is now my go to costume in case I need one!

5.  Extravagance you can not live without?
I can not live without my skin care products!  All together they are a little pricey but I don't feel right without them!

6.  Living person you admire?
I admire so many people for different reasons so I can't name just one person!

7.    Greatest fear?

8.  Trait you deplore in yourself?
I'm very insecure which makes me second guess everything I say or even write!  I'm working on it!

9. Which talent would you most like to have?
I love to sing but I just everyone around me loved to hear it!  

10.  Greatest Achievement? 
Getting my degree after 10 long years!


  1. Congratulations on your awards!

    If you want to join in on Muffin Tin Monday you should visit MuffinTinMom.com she hosts it every week. There are a bunch of us that do it and it's really fun. You can see upcoming themes on her website.

    Thank you for stopping by and making my SITS day so fabulous!

  2. Thanks for the comment! :)

    Yes it is very scary all the things they put in our products - I hate how little we actually know about the things we are being sold!



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