Friday, April 2, 2010

Things Always Sound Good in Theory

Recently I was asked if I read to Abby at night.  Hmmm.  I wanted to say "of course!" because that's what good mommies do.  The problem is I don't.  I try.  I've sat down with her, put her on my lap with a good book and have read as if I'm acting out a play.  It doesn't quite work out.  She loves books but not because she likes a good story.  She's 11 months old, she loves to eat books! So, I choose to not read to her because instead of being relaxing and entertaining she fights to take the book from me.  I know... bad mommy!

So, I got to thinking how in all the books I read before she was born there were so many things that sounded great but didn't work out so well.  Here's a list of the things that I just couldn't get on board with but for those of you who could, I envy you!  Most of the things on this list epitomize the mom I wanted to be but I love the mom I am!

  • Breastfeeding:  I know, not everyone has a problem but I did.  Did I really want to take my boob out in public anyway?  (No offense to those who could, the negativity is just to mask my guilt!)
  • Routine:  Is there really such a thing?  The word routine is defined as "a detailed course of action to be followed regularly."  This definition would lead me to believe that once a baby establishes a routine it remains that way for an extended period of time.  Not so! Abby has grown and changed so much in the past 11 months that her 'routine' changes every few weeks.  Basically, as soon as I become accustomed to the routine, it changes.  Welcome to mommyhood... there is no such thing as 'routine'!
  • Homemade baby food:  Before Abby was born I thought "how hard could it be make baby food? I won't be that busy."  Not busy... boy did I not have a clue!  Not only could I not imagine making baby food with an 11 month old biting the backs of legs... why did I ever want to?  There are perfectly good baby foods brands out there!
  • Baby Slings/Carriers:  One of the things I was most excited about receiving at my baby shower was the now infamous Infantino baby sling (yes, the one that was recalled!).  I also had a wrap and a carrier made by Jeep given to me.  I always pictured myself getting some housework done or walking through a store with Abby tucked away safely in my sling.  Problem was (and thankfully in regards to the Infantino sling) Abby hated each and every one of them!  When I did put her in the Jeep carrier I was hot and uncomfortable and much preferred to carry her.  If your out for the day a carrier is just one more thing to take along and it didn't make carrying her any easier.
  • Cloth Diapers:  Yes, I thought about it.  I would love to be more Earth friendly but it's just not in me to be that 'green'.  Think about it... before they're washed, those dirty diapers need to be stored somewhere.  Too stinky for my small apartment!
Wow... now that I'm looking at this list I kinda feel lazy! If only I had a little more motivation I might have been able to do most of the things on the list.  Or, maybe I just enjoy playing and teaching Abby... I like that idea better! I'm not lazy... I've just learned how to prioritize and outsource to companies like Gerber, Pampers and Enfamil!  

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