Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What the Heck Wednesday!?!

I have been reading The Mommyologist and decided to link up with her for What the Heck Wednesday because I was just outside and found myself uttering those same words. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should... she's amusing!

So, I have a dog named J.R. He's part pomeranian, part Jack Russell, and 100% beast! We adopted him in 2007 after he had been in the pound for almost a year. That should have been my first clue that he was a bad dog but I felt sorry for him. When we brought him home he really could care less about us but jumped right on the bed... clue #2. Let me say that I do love my dog... he's a crazy, cuddly little guy once you get past all of his downright rotten behavior! He pulls the fluff out of everything, leaves presents on the floor if we keep him in the bedroom, and barks at everything (animate and inanimate). When you take him for walks it's like maneuvering an obstacle course... I am constantly trying to avoid people, cars, other dogs. It's a headache which results in very short walks. Having company is always an ordeal filled with lots of apologies and ending with him being locked away. I am truly jealous when I see people who can take their dogs for nice long walks and envy those who can take them to crowded tourist areas. They have the dog I always dreamed of!

So, now on to my "What the Heck" moment. When I walked him last night there was someone out for a walk... he barked liked crazy. We rerouted but up ahead there was a woman walking her dog. Well, even turning around didn't stop him from barking so I had to take him back inside. I was completely frustrated since this was the second attempt to get him to do his nightly business. Well, I just took him out again and I had deja vu! The first obstacle was someone walking... the second obstacle, which I still can't believe, was the same woman walking her dog! Unbelievable! He spotted her before I did and the barking would not stop... and all I could think was "What the Heck?" Her and I must be on the same dog walking schedule! J.R. didn't get to finish his walk... he's embarrassing and loud so I dragged him back to the house and out of sight of the other well behaved dog!

Here is a picture that epitomizes my 17 lb beast!


  1. Sounds like your dog is totally tuned in for sure!!

    I would love to follow your blog but I'm having problems with Google Friend Connect right now. I will try again once it gets resolved!

    Thanks so much for playing along with WTH? Wednesday this week!

  2. Kasey, thanks for updating your commenting options on your blog, so now I can leave a comment. :)
    Your dog totally reminds me of the dog on "Marley and Me." And that picture of his silly, grinning face is hilarious! I may join in with "What the Heck Wednesdays" next week-that sounds like fun. I have participated in "Wordless Wednesdays" a couple of times, but they are a little boring.

  3. @The Mommyologist: Thanks so much for visiting! WTH? Wednesday was fun... it felt good to vent a little about my crazy dog!

  4. @Shannon: He reminds me of that dog too... only I think he's worse lol!



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