Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is In the Air!

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
~ Robin Williams

I love an amusing quote and this one is perfect. Well, I guess these past few days aren't too springy but there were days last week that definitely gave me spring fever! After 70 plus inches of snow and weeks of sickness (shingles, chicken pox, and colds... Oh My!), I was definitely enjoying the warm weather and sun. The spring air makes me feel energized so in the past two weeks we've been taking lots of walks and making sure to stop at one of the many parks we're lucky to have in our community. This has led to a whole new list of things that Abby has found to love: swings, slides, ducks, grass, and flowers to name a few! We've also made a trip to the zoo, where Abby enjoyed people watching more so than animal watching. And of course the less exciting side of spring... we've been cleaning and organizing!

But the change of season has also given me the crafty bug. I'm sure this bug is due in part to boredom after staring at the same scenery for months but I also wanted to bring a bit of spring inside. I headed out to Michael's for inspiration and came up with these two flower arrangements. They brighten the house and I was able to make them for less than $10 a piece (perfect for someone like me who changes her mind all the time!).

I've also been working on a wreath that's unfinished but already hanging on my door to remind me whenever I go out that I need to get the rest of the supplies!

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