Friday, March 26, 2010

Fundraising.... Harder than I thought!!

So, here we are and my last donation was the day I registered for the 3-Day. We have 7 people on our team so our goal is astronomical! I know fundraising is meant to be hard because if it was easy it wouldn't take so many people to raise so much money... but my oh my!!! My main problem is a lack of initiative... taking my ideas and making them happen. For example, days ago I printed a flyer to hang in some local stores. It's still sitting on my table waiting to be taken to Staples so I can make copies. I've always been this way. In college I would have these ideas for project but since I would wait until last minute none of those ideas would come to fruition. My personal life the same thing. My husband and I are trying to budget our money so I made a spreadsheet and budget but continuously fail to update it. If I'm left in charge of writing the checks, well, I may write them and put them in an envelope but will forget to mail them. Initiative and follow through... two huge problems! I can say I'll work on it but I'll probably be this way forever.

On the plus side, I have put the wheels in motion for a few ideas but now I just have to wait to hear back. I'm hoping to be able to host a Murder Mystery Dinner which even includes casino games. I found a company now I just need to find a venue, which I'm hoping to have donated. See, even the ideas I've acted on are still hopes!

We have until October so as a team I'm counting on us keeping each other motivated. This post may make me seem like I'm hopeless but deep down I'm still positive! I know we can reach our goal but it is discouraging when I see how slowly the donations are coming in for all of us.

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