Monday, May 7, 2012

Movie Theater Observations

After my last post, I took my own advice.  I told Dan that I NEEDED sleep and I got 2 glorious days of not having to get up with the girls!  It was a much needed break and I can say that I actually feel some what HUMAN again!

Not only did I get sleep but we got to out for a quick date to catch the new Avengers movie on Friday.  I'm not a big movie theater person.  I find it too loud, cold, and uncomfortable.  I also have a fear of leaving my seat once the movie starts because I'm afraid of tripping down (or up) the stairs.  I AM THAT CLUMSY!

I'm a people watcher and there were a few things that struck me as a bit odd.  Maybe it's because I just don't get out much.
    • Some man was using one of the headphones that makes things louder.  I've seen these on infomercials but never actually knew anyone that had a pair.  However, he promptly removed them within seconds of the previews starting.  Not going to lie, it made me giggle a little bit although I did feel bad for his poor ears!
    • So many people take phone calls and texts!  One guy left the theater at least 3 times... is he really that important?  I think too many of us are forgetting that we do not need to be available every moment of the day!  Enjoy the moment!  Not to mention, you paid good money to see this movie and now you keep leaving... sit down and get your money's worth!
    • This last one irks me... I never knew that people bring babies to the movies!  As in newborn babies!  Every time the theater was quiet I could hear the baby crying or making noise.  I don't really mind the noise but my concern is for the baby.  If a theater is too loud and cold for me, I can't imagine how that baby feels.  I know it can be hard to miss out on things because you can't find a sitter but there are much more appropriate places to get adult time with your kiddos.  Just sayin'.
The movie itself was pretty good.  Dan thought it was one of the best comic book movies he's seen (and he's seen them all).    

Of course, we had to bring Abby back a surprise since we went out without her for the afternoon.  Here she is with her very first baseball mitt! 


  1. I really do not like when people bring babies to the movies. I have also seen young children at rated R movies. I do not understand. I have not been to the movies the past few years. I just went to Pooh Bear with my daughter. But I remember before I was a mom that I was shocked to see children and babies at movies, and late too. I hopen you are well! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. Glad you're feeling well rested! xoxo (and I agree with all of your theater observations. The same things irk me. Except for the headphones...I've never encountered that one, lol)

  3. I was at a movie once where a mom let her baby crawl around in the aisle during the movie. I couldn't stop thinking how dangerous that was for the baby. The theater is so dark and what if someone going to the bathroom didn't see her baby in the middle of the aisle? I was a nervous wreck for the whole movie! But I'm happy to report the baby was fine at the end of the movie. :)



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