Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Sidewalk Paint

Sometimes we got have to get a little creative around here because this Mama gets BORED!
The recipe for sidewalk paint is fairly simple:  equal parts cornstarch and water.  Then, just add food coloring to get your desired color.

Our paint was pretty runny (maybe someone has a better recipe to share?) which made it hard to really paint.  Abby got tired of that pretty quickly but then she accidentally spilt one of her paints.
From there it was nothing but giggles!  She loved making 'rivers' and I even had to bring corn starch and water outside to make more paints.  
She made footprints and we talked about the colors her 'rivers' were making when they mixed together.  She even liked adding just water to see her 'river' flow even further.
I'd say this project was a huge hit!

But what could be better than making 'rivers'?
Painting me of course!  Definitely wear clothes that you don't mind getting messy... I have yet to find out how easily this paint washes out!

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