Saturday, May 26, 2012

Being in the Moment: No Photo Necessary

Everyday is a photo op day.

Everyday, one of my girls does something so stinkin' cute that I feel the need to run and grab my camera.

Everyday, something magical happens and, again, I race to get my camera.

I love taking photos.  Documenting our life.  I adore my girls and a picture captures the moment so my memory can go ahead and fail from time to time.

Today, I left the camera at home.

Today, I took them to the beach.  Just me and my girls.  The first time Lilly would really get to feel the water splash against her.

Part of me was wishing I had my camera or even my phone so I could capture the surprise on Lilly's face the first time the water went right up her legs.

Part of me wishes I had my camera to capture the moments of sheer happiness as Abby splashed around in the beautiful bay that I am so lucky to live so close to.

A bigger part of me was happy that I left my camera and phone at home.

I was in the moment.  Spending time with my girls.  Enjoying the day, sun, and sand.

Honestly, I was terrified to take them to the beach by myself.  What if Lilly hated the water?  What if Abby didn't listen or through a temper tantrum when we were ready to leave?

I pictured the worst:  Me carrying two girls, one kicking and screaming, along with all of the beach gear back to the car.

Sometimes kids surprise you.  Sometimes the day goes just right.  As Abby would say, when we work together that means we have fun (wise beyond her years).  And work together is what we did today.  We all got what we wanted and had FUN.

This day will forever be ingrained in my memory, no photo necessary.


  1. Oh I loved reading this! Such a great reminder to be in the moment. That's definitely something I need to work on. Not sure if you saw, or are interested, but I have a giveaway going on right now for Teething Bling, if you want to enter. I love mine! :)

  2. Great post! I love when my daughter suprises me with being so incredibly sweet I almost feel guilty for expecting her to act otherwise.



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