Friday, January 6, 2012

Focus Friday

"Whatever we focus on is bound to expand. Where we see the negative, we call forth more negative. And where we see the positive, we call forth more positive. Having loved and lost, I now love more passionately. Having won and lost, I now win more soberly. Having tasted the bitter, I now savor the sweet."
 Marianne Williamson 

I love this quote because I find myself getting so caught up in what's going on that I forget to find the good in things.  That's why I took such a long break from blogging.  I was just too focused on life's problems and I never wanted this to be a place where I vented.  Trust me, sometimes I have wanted to just spew all my negativity but I hate the thought of having my knee jerk reaction documented.  My feelings about things tend to change frequently and quickly once I calm down.  Unfortunately, sometimes it's hard to tear yourself away from the negativity.

Since I got this snazzy new camera for Christmas, I figure that the best way to focus on the positive is to photograph it.  Make a sort of weekly collage of the positive things.  The sweet things.  Things like this little bambina... 

Or that fact that Abby thought I was lonely because Dan's been working nights and decided to leave me a friend to cuddle with:

My goal for this new year is to quit dwelling on the negative and to be thankful for all the good.  I need to slow down and take the time to laugh and love.  Because there are people who I am grateful to have in my and my daughters life.

I hope to make this a weekly thing... kind of like a week in review of all the goodness that life has to offer.  Because even though I still have to work my way through the stressful stuff, there are things that make that all worthwhile and I need a reminder.


  1. This is such a great idea! I just love how Abby left you a little friend. :) My girls do that, too!

  2. Great post and so true! I really really really need to improve on this as well.



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