Friday, October 1, 2010

Struggles and Strength

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I was watching Dr. Phil yesterday and he reminded me of a lesson that is easy to forget.  We're not all that different.  Regardless of our struggles, there is always someone else who has been through or felt the same.  The details may be different but the struggle and feelings are the same.

Since watching that episode, I've noticed that it's so true.  Today is no exception.  October is breast cancer awareness month and all morning I've been coming across bloggers who share similar experiences to mine.  Some of these experiences, quite honestly, break my heart but once all of the details are stripped away, every story is one of strength.  When life hands you the unthinkable, you find strength that you never thought you had.

I was 21 years old when I found out my mom had breast cancer.  For 7 long years, breast cancer was the elephant in the room.  Even during remission, the fear was always there but so was strength.  I saw it in my mom, especially when the cancer returned.  She had always said she would never go through chemo again but she found the strength to fight.  I saw it in my siblings, who lived with her, helped her, and tried to continue living their life.  I saw it in myself every time I had to be 'the bad news bear' and sit the four of them down for an update on my mom.

The most important lesson that I'm learning is that I am no different than countless other people who have been through the same thing.  You find the strength to overcome, just as so many people have and will continue to do.  When I walk in the 3Day next week, I'll be surrounded by people the same as me.  People who have been affected by breast cancer and have found the strength to push forward.  Although all of stories will have different details, none of us are all that different.
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  1. Kasey good for you for doing the walk and for reminding everone of how important breast cancer awareness is and also how we are not all that different. You are right about the struggles being different, but the feelings an d struggles are the same. Support is the key word here! I am so sorry about your mom and all she had to go through. Have a good night my friend!

    Mama Hen



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