Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Have and To Hold... Our 3rd Anniversary!

Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary!  I can't help but think about how much has changed in the past three years, some for the better and some for the not to so better.

The one thing that hasn't changed is how much I love my husband.  True, there have been moments when I'm left wondering who is this person?  We've been through a lot in these three short years and at times it has been tough.  Some things, like my mom passing away, are things that you typically don't deal with so young so it's been a learning experience for both of us.  The important thing is that neither of us ever give up.

Our wedding day was nothing short of amazing!  The day started with pouring rain (thanks dad for hunting down umbrellas!) and my husband getting lost because I gave him the wrong address for the car rental.  OOPS!

Right before I walked into church, the rain stopped and the sun beamed in.  My mom said it was my grandmother letting me know she was there... I'm choked up just thinking about it.

The ceremony was beautiful but not without its unique moments.  I have a tendency to laugh when I'm uncomfortable and my 2 sisters have the same habit.  With all those eyes on me, it was hard to control my urge to laugh... especially when I could here the snorts from my sisters behind me.  I was doing pretty good until the priest called my husband Don instead Dan.  It was a quick slip up during my vows but I lost it!  It took me a little to regain my composure enough to speak!

As we were working at containing our laughter (and snorts), one of my bridesmaids that was pregnant was trying not to pass out.  My godmother, who has a history of passing out at weddings, noticed this and thought the best option was to come up to the altar and take my bridesmaid outside.  Since I didn't know someone was about to pass out, I thought she was coming up to yell at my sisters for laughing!  Or worse, yell at me!  Let's just say I looked like a deer caught in headlights as I watched her stomp up to the altar!

The reception and after party were a blast!  It was a mixture of Red Sox and Yankees fans so there was the playful taunting... the Massachusetts crowd sang out loud to "Sweet Caroline" and the us Yankees fans did a chorus line to "New York, New York".  My grandmother and her twin sister even got in on the kicking!  The after party was complete with game 3 of the World Series and lots of crazy fun!

Dan and I had decided a while ago to purchase tickets to see the Patriots as our anniversary gift to one another (next year is my pick!) so we weren't planning on doing too much tomorrow.  However, we just received the best anniversary present ever... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  The contract came back today (after 3 LONG DAYS), signed by the seller and we couldn't be happier.  It's not the house I mention last week.  That contract fell through which turned out to be a good thing!  We love the home we found.  There's no work to be done and the yard space is perfect! We should be closing on December 10th!  Woo Hoo!!!

So many reasons to celebrate!  I can't think of anyone better to celebrate them with but my Hubs!


  1. Happy anniversary and congratulations on your house! This is so exciting! I wish you lots of joy in your new home! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  2. I was to sick to tell you yesterday, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!!

    Reading your post brought back all those great memories. It was such a great day. We did have a good time. And to date, it's still the best wedding reception I've ever been too. You looked so beautiful and happy. It still brings a tear to my eye. And the after party, trying to squeeze all those people into that bar. And all those umbrella's. Just so you know I was left with 2. Guess they thought they were favors? lol
    Happy Anniversary Wishes to my wonderful daughter Kasey and her husband Dan. The best son in law any man could ever hope for.



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