Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Letter to the Younger Me

Our Back to School Back to Blogging task this week is to contribute to the idea bank, which is shaping up to be an awesome resource for curing writer's block.  The second part of our task is to pick an idea to write about.  After going through the list, I found one that caught my attention.  Write a letter to your younger self... reminds me of that Brad Paisley song, Letter to Me.  Ooh, there is so much I wish I had known so here goes!

Dear Me,

If I know me, which I do, I would never have followed any of this advice but it would've been nice to have in the back of my mind.

There is life after high school and you will not remain friends with any of those people.  Dad is right when he says that your lucky if you have one true friend in your entire life... you've already found her so don't sweat the small stuff.

Quit smoking now because it gets harder as you get older and your future husband hates.  Speaking of your future husband, you don't know him yet so go ahead and dump that loser your dater.  You'll meet him on some crazy trip to upstate New York... one of those where you go knowing you have hardly any money in your pocket and get too drunk to drive home.  He'll not only buy you drinks but make sure you get home safely so don't listen to anyone who tells you that you find a nice guy at a bar.  He'll also tell you he's going to marry you one day.  You won't believe him but he's right.

Quit being so mean.  One day, someone you were mean to that you don't even recognize will look down her nose at you as though she is better than you.  That's ok, but she won't hire your sister for a job and your sister will make sure she reminds you every chance she gets how mean you were.  I say were because you will change and be nicer (or at least keep your comments to yourself, where they belong).

Speaking of siblings, if one them asks you to borrow books on elephants from the library... DON'T DO IT!  They'll get lost and you'll forget about them.  10 years later (yes, it will take 10 years for you to graduate college) you'll finally complete your coursework and after auditing your account these library books will come to haunt you.

Give your mom a break.  She's never going to discipline anyone nor will she ever pay her bills on time.  She WILL love all of you more than you could ever imagine was possible, that is until you have your own daughter.  She will always be the strongest person you have ever met and face cancer with sarcasm and laughter.  Take it easy on her, help her with housework, quit complaining about things you just don't understand, and don't get mad at her when she doesn't stay in the museum or want to walk around DC. Yes, she'll always be frustrating but in a funny sort of way!  Finally, please make her go for a mammogram!

There will come a time when you realize that family means more to you than any friends could.  Your dad will be the first person you call when you need advice, want to cry, or just need to vent.  Your extended family... aunts, uncles, cousins, long lost relatives... will stand by your side through your toughest years.  Treat them well and visit them often.  As mom will tell you one day, "lean on them, they'll help you."  She's right, so appreciate them from now.

There is so much more that I wish to tell you but truthfully, the mistakes you will make are what make you become the person you are meant to be.  As you grow, you'll meet people who inspire you and remind you how good you have it.  Nothing really gets easier but it does get different so keep moving forward.


P.S.  The winning numbers for the Maryland Mega Millions on Sept 21, 2010 is 03, 20, 43, 47, 57 and the bonus is 26.  


  1. Great post, enjoyed it tremendously!

    I hope you will listen re: the lottery numbers...

    And you are so right about high school friends. They mostly don't stick very much!

  2. OMG, this was great!

    My favorite parts were the library books and the lotto numbers. Clever!!!!

  3. Great post! And so many of the things you're telling yourself go for so many of us! We all need to keep family in the forefront of our minds and our lives!

  4. WOW - great letter, really! If we could only have that insight but as you said you had to make those mistakes in order to become who you were meant to be. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a great read! The part about your mother was very touching.

  6. This was great! You are right about the friends and my Dad used to say the same thing. It is funny how we thought we knew it all back then, but our Dads were right! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  7. Hey Kasey, thank you for the sweet comment! I hope you are doing great! Have a good day!

    Mama Hen

  8. Kasey, hope you are having a great day! Liked your comment on my post yesterday. Thanks for stopping by



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