Friday, September 3, 2010

What Could Be Better than a Chance to Sleep In? Everything!

Why is it that when Abby sleeps in for a day, as in later than 6:30, I just know that I'm in for it?  Yesterday she slept until 7:45 and, since she's my alarm clock, so did I.  The first thing I noticed is that I felt like I was hit by a mac truck in my sleep.  I had a pounding headache!  I guess my body doesn't respond well to an normal amount of sleep.  Then the worry set in... did I sleep through her getting up at her usual time?  Has she been up waiting for me for over an hour?

She wasn't crying but my biggest worry was that I was going to walk into the same thing I walked into the other morning.  Diaper off and her business in the bed.... what a lovely way to start your day, huh ?!? Way better than coffee, I tell ya.

Thankfully, that wasn't the scene but unfortunately the day was not going to turn out great.  As we got ready for Gymboree, Abby was happy, laughing, and totally normal.

We left Gymboree and went home for our play date.  When I took her out of the car she was warm but I thought it was from being in the car.  Within 20 minutes I realized that she was not cooling down and was showing no interest in playing with her friend.  A quick temperature check and there it was... 104.1!!!

I never saw someone leave as quickly as my friend did!  It was quite funny and totally understandable.  Abby's fever broke only to return 4 hours later and then again at 3 am.  She has no other symptoms but the fever but I am just amazed that in the 15 minutes from Gymboree things could change so quickly.

This morning she woke up happy and healthy (thankfully!) but way late... around 8:30.  My poor Hubs who was also up with us 3 and then had to work this morning is a little jealous that I got to sleep in but I have this feeling that the fever isn't behind us.  I am just waiting for the payback I usually get from being able to sleep in.

Oh, and yes, I have a terrible headache again today.  I guess nothing good comes from sleeping in!

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  1. Loved it. I often feel the same - there's a price to pay for sleeping in, it seems. :)



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