Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Um, You Blog? YES, I DO!


Last night I was updating my blog using some of the pointers from Back to School Back to Blogging.  I realized that I didn't have a section on my blog that told my new readers about me, which is one of the first places I look on other people's blogs.  I knew I needed to create one and to start I took a look at my first post to see how I originally introduced myself.  Back then I had no idea people actually dedicated a whole page for that sort of thing.  Back then I had no idea what a blog was or that so many people had one.

As I read that original blog post, I realized how much my reason for blogging has changed.  It started as a way to raise awareness and in hopes of becoming an official blogger for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day  for a Cure but it has become so much more.  I wasn't selected to be the official blogger but I found something that I love to do.  I'm not the type of person who has lots of hobbies.  Most of my hobbies last for only a short time and then I get bored.

Blogging has yet to get boring and I blog about so much more than just about breast cancer and healing after losing my mom.  Honestly, I blog very little about those things lately... well, my mom pops up a lot but usually not in a depressing sort of way.  It's given me an outlet and as a stay at home mom I needed one... desperately!  It's given me a way to connect with others, learn from them, laugh with them, and be inspired by them.

Most importantly, it's given me something to do that is just for me.  People outside of the blogging world often look at me strange when I tell them I blog and there first question, "is about what?"  My answer is always... "about me, about life, about anything I want."

My blog is my baby.  I designed it, I nurture it, and I love watching it grow!

One of the writing prompts over at Mama Kat's this week is to answer the question:  What does blogging mean to you?  What purpose does it serve you and how have you benefited?  Simply put, blogging means 'me time'.  'Me time' makes me happy and less stressed.  A happy and less stressed me is a benefit to EVERYONE!

Please don't think less of me... I have to ask because I am desperate!

Since I already mention the Susan G. Komen 3 Day, I figured I would throw in a shameless request here.  If anyone is interested in donating to this amazing organization, please click the widget on my side bar or click here.  In order to do this walk, I need to raise $2300 and my fundraisers were completely unsuccessful.  I am about $1200 short and if I don't raise enough money my poor cousin will be walking the 60 miles by herself (she's fundraising rock star!).


  1. I realized I blog for me as well this week. Because there are so many topics that I could focus on- autism, twin parenting etc but blogging allows me a reprieve from my parenting life and it allows me to chatter about things that my hubbie would not be interested in LOL

    Nice to meet you.. saying hello from blogfrog

    Good luck with your fundraising

  2. :0 ) Thanks for dropping by my space and COMMENTING it was so greatly appreciated!

  3. It's amazing how, when we make a point to look back, we can be so surprised at where we were and how much lives have changed.

  4. Isn't it crazy to look back to your first post or even to sit and read your old posts for hours lol! When I am down I always go back a few months and it usually cheers me up! I also blog for ME, and i am glad you blog for yourself, I love reading yours! And I am cracking up about the comment you left on mine! You daughter hiding her poop in the blanket haha! I cannot wait for that one! Have you seen the movie "Back up Plan" there is a hilarious part where this guy is at the park with his kids and his son walks up with poop in his hand! He found cat poop in the sand box... its a cute movie if you havent seen it!

  5. I knew next to nothing about blogging when I started...and I've been hooked for over 2 years now!

    I walked the 3-Day in is so hard, and yet it's such a wonderful experience! I hope you are able to walk with your cousin!

  6. This is so great! I love all your doing with your blog and how much your blog has evolved over time. Good stuff!

  7. Thanks for stopping by - I enjoyed your comment

  8. I enjoyed reading your perspective about blogging. I am impressed by your openness. For some reason, I haven't told anyone in real life about my blog. I wonder if you are more the norm and if most bloggers do tell their friends and family.



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