Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting My Priorities Straight

"In a minute."

"Not right now."

"Maybe tomorrow/after nap time/later/etc."

These are the phrases that I find myself using far too often.  I'm tired in the mornings, which is why I am desperately trying to get Lilly to sleep through the night.  It takes me a while to get moving and then before I know it, it's almost lunch time.

I'm caught up in the bottles, laundry, diaper changes, cleaning, cooking, etc, etc, etc that I THINK needs to be done during the day.

I am finding it hard to balance the household necessities with the REAL necessities.

The quality time sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of things.  The day ends with far too few snuggles, kisses and playing.

Today, a perfectly gorgeous day went by without us stepping outside to play.

And then I hear myself, repeating those phrases.

And then I see the look on Abby's face.

And then I realize that I lost focus... again.

Parenting is a hard road to navigate.  There are twists and turns and sometimes you lose your way without even realizing it.

I am promising myself that I will be different tomorrow.  I will stop measuring the productivity of my day by how clean my home is at the end of it.

Instead, I will measure my day by the intangible things.  The stuff that isn't seen by those who aren't around:  quality time with my two girls.

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  1. IT's so hard to let go of what we think we should be doing.



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