Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sick of Being Sick

I have dreamed about spending a day in bed, more times than I can count.

I have been begging for time to myself.  To read.  To blog.  To watch tv.  To sleep.

I realized yesterday that spending the day in bed is highly over rated.

After a weekend spent sick and in pain, I went to the doctor on Monday and found out that I had an infection so bad that it caused a lymph node to swell (in what could be the most uncomfortable and awkward spot).

First, let me tell you that I tend to be dramatic so I spent the weekend convinced that I was dying.  Between the stress of my impending death, the pain, and just all around not feeling well, it was a long exhausting weekend.

The good news is that I am NOT dying!  YAY!  But I am on 2 pretty strong antibiotics as well as a pain killer which has left me useless.  A few hours awake and I'm right back to bed.  Sleeping the day away.

The worst part is hearing my girls.  Whether they're playing or crying, all I want to do is be out there with them.

I can not thank my hubs enough for taking time off of work to help me out.  He even gave Lilly a bath for the first time. 

I'm grateful for the help, but HATE that I need it.  My girls aren't too fond of it either and have been spending extra time with me in my bed (I'm not contagious).  Poor Abby just wants me to play and poor Lilly just wants to be in my arms.  

I can't wait to feel better.  I can't wait to be back to normal.  

I hope I never get this much time to myself again.  I never want to NEED this much sleep or watch this much tv.  It's just so lonely!

Obviously, I love my girls and spending time with them but now I realize that they are my everything.  They are my world.  They are growing so fast and I feel like I'm missing something when I'm not here.  I complain and take being home with them for granted but I truly am blessed!  

Here's a little funny Pinterest find.  No truer words have ever been spoken!


  1. Kasey, so sorry to hear your sick. Not sure if you knew this but you typed, 'the good news is I am dying! Yay!'
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. LOL! Thanks TV! That's the medicine talking! Too funny!

  2. I am sorry that you are sick my friend. I have had a sinus infection the past couple of weeks and felt so exhausted. I still feel like I can just go to sleep. I hope you feel better soon! Try to rest as much as possible!

    Mama Hen



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