Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Dad

Whew!  That was a long week but, thankfully, I am feeling better.  I am eternally grateful to my husband for taking time off to help out with the girls.  Funny thing about that though, day 1 he acted like Super Dad.  I mean he even went as far as to wash the windows in the living room and clean the front porch.

Not gonna lie, I felt like he was showing me up just a little bit.  I was amazed that he was able to do all that, in addition to keeping the house somewhat clean.  All while Abby napped and Lilly played.  I felt a little inadequate, even going as far as telling him that maybe he should be a stay at home Dad.

However, by the end of the week things started looking a little more like my reality.  I guess the week was wearing on him a little bit (who could blame him?).

He would never admit it though.

He'll tell you that all was good and the kids were fine.  Typical man, never admitting defeat!

Amusingly, Abby was quick to point out what he didn't do quite right and, if the offense warranted it, put him in timeout.  He never actually went into timeout so Abby also learned how frustrating it is when someone doesn't listen!  Sorry, I know it was a little bratty of her (aren't all 3 year olds?) but I found it quite funny.  Almost as the funny as the day she told him that he doesn't know the rules, only Mommy does.  Does that girl know who the boss is or what?  Unfortunately, she doesn't always care that I am the queen of this castle!

All kidding aside, he did great and it was probably the best thing for all of us.  The girls got Daddy time.  I got rest. And he got time to just be home because sometimes that only happens when he sleeps!

And of course, as I'm typing this he goes ahead and wins more points!  We were on a mission to find Abby this chair:

Source: via Kasey on Pinterest

Of course, our Kmart was sold out and it wasn't available online.  I texted Dan to check the Kmart by his work but they didn't have it so he picked up her 3rd choice.  Since he knew she would be disappointed, he went to a different Kmart and found the one she wanted!

Guess who will be the favorite parent for awhile?

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