Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jokes on Me

Since it's the beginning of April, I decided to stick with the prank theme and am linking to Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  Except this joke became unfunny real fast.  I answered the prompt:  Write about the time you pretended to be someone you weren't.

Mama’s Losin’ It

My dear husband is against all things 'social network'.  He refused to get a Myspace page back when Myspace was cool so my brother decided to make one for him.  He was a ballerina dancer and in love with Gunther:
Taking a page out of my brother's book, I decided to sign him up for facebook the other night.  I was bored and waiting for Abby to stop singing to herself and FINALLY fall asleep.  That girl will seriously play and sing in her bed for an hour some nights.

He was sitting next to me so I had to be stealthy, which I'm not.

After a few failed attempts at confirming his account through his email, I finally just bit the bullet and asked for his password.  Now he knew I was up to something but I ran around with the laptop like a lunatic and wouldn't tell him.  Sadly, I had the password right the first time but must have typed it in wrong... FAIL.

Anyways, I had images of myself laughing as I made a mockery of him.  All in good fun, of course!  However, it turned not very funny pretty quickly.

As soon as I verified his account, I saw that he had a friend request.  So, I checked it out.  There was one from his sister but then there was one from his ex... WTF.

Honestly, who requests a friend on FB when the person doesn't even have one?  What is she doing, just hoping that one day he will open an account?  Yup, this joke just bit me in the ass and I wasn't feeling like being funny anymore.

I realize that it's just FB and lots of you are probably thinking I'm being a crazy jealous wife.  I do trust my husband BUT, what was I to do with this request?  Ignore it or accept it?  Neither option felt right.

By now he knew what I was up so I told him to do what he want's with that request.  I tried to help him set up the rest of his account but the request kept blinking that beacon from his past.

Finally, he ignored it.  Good man.

Oh, and the guy that swore he would never use Facebook went out and got an iPhone the next day.  The FB app was installed as soon as we got home.  Hah!


  1. Oh goodness, even with all the trust in the world, that request is rather annoying. When women know people are married they should move on. Closed chapters and new ones begin. I hope you are doing well! Happy Easter!

    Mama Hen

  2. Oh that would irk me big time! Maybe our men are better of WITHOUT access to Facebook! ;)



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