Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Scavenger Hunt

Being married to a cop means that there is never a guarantee that they will have holidays off, or weekends, or even a full day off sometimes.  Which I guess can be said for a lot of different jobs, which makes me to wonder why in world companies don't just let their employees enjoy holidays!

Right now he's working the midnight shift in addition to his extra hours he puts in at a grocery store.  Yes, the grocery stores where he works pay officers to be there to deter crime.  And yes, the grocery store was open all day today.  Those two statements are sad on so many levels!

Anyways, we had to get creative for Easter because he was only home from 7 until 2:30 and needed time to sleep.  Since I can never be sure what time he'll definitely be home, I decided to send Abby on a scavenger hunt.  We cut out little bunny paws and numbered them 1 through 5.

Clue 1:  Happy Easter!  I hid your basket but if you put on your Easter dress, you'll find Clue#2!

Clue 2:  (Hidden inside her dress):  Now you have to put your shoes on to find Clue #3!
Don't you just love the shoes?  She insisted that these are the ones the bunny wanted her to wear since they were closest to the clue!

Clue 3:  Go find all 10 eggs I hid in the yard before you peak at Clue #4!

Clue 4:  Daddy has Clue #5!  If he's not home wait patiently for him to arrive!

Thankfully, she didn't have to wait very long but poor Dan didn't even get a hello before she was asking for her clue!  

Clue 5:  Last clue and this hunt is through!  Go downstairs and find the baskets waiting for Lilly and you!
Pure Happiness!

Lilly slept through the scavenger hunt but Abby made sure to show her everything in her basket!
I did get a little Dr. Seuss at the end and would have liked to make all of them rhyme but my brain wasn't working.  Doesn't matter how it was said because she absolutely LOVED her hunt!  She hasn't stopped talking about it all day!  And, Dan got to see her go through her baskets and ate breakfast with us so it was a good morning!

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!


  1. Love the shoes and the hunt! Great last picture of you guys!

  2. I did better than I did.

    I was so tired (and tipsy) from date night....that I blew off doing a hunt with clues. The Easter Bunny got a big FAIL from my kids.

    They want to write him a protest letter.



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