Monday, April 30, 2012

Drowning Under a Mound of Laundry

Please excuse my little hiatus!  I haven't been able to catch up since Abby's party.  Then there was a trip to the zoo and a visit to New Jersey for a long weekend. I don't why, but it takes me forever to recover... cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, oh my!  And of course, we also had a virus run through the house!  So FUN!

I feel like I have been trying to get the clutter off my table for the past two weeks.  Every time I make a dent in it, mail comes and there's even more.  I finally got the thank you cards written and mailed so the stack cards can finally go away but we still have sorting to do.

And let's not talk about laundry!  I do most of the laundry in the house.  Dan will do his uniforms occasionally (when he NEEDS to).  I did loads upon loads of laundry before we left for NJ and then came home and did just as much.  Never ending!  Although, I did come home to a surprise in my laundry room that makes up for his lack of laundering:

These replaced two old brown cabinets (sorry, no before pics!) that were in there making the room seem dark and small.  I absolutely LOVE it!  We have one more shelf to put in right over the washer and dryer but that should be done soon!  Can't wait!

Speaking of laundry, I made even more laundry for myself by rotating Lilly's clothes.  She's moving into the 3-6 months size already.  Some of the newborn stuff from her and Abby was packed up and shipped off to my cousin who is expecting her first in May.  I have to say, I cried a little.  It's so hard to say good bye to the newborn days since I am pretty sure we are sticking to just 2.  I'm ok with that but it's still bittersweet.

Off to do laundry... yet again! Does anyone else agree that the worst part is putting it all away?  Especially those little tiny baby clothes?

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  1. You are talking about my life! I can never keep up with the laundry, and the girls' clothes take me FOREVER to fold!



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