Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enjoying Nature... As Much as Somehow who is Afraid of Nature Can

I am by no means a nature person but I understand the importance of getting kids outside to explore so I try to push my boundaries. Surprisingly, it has been pretty much a success.

And by success, I do not in any way mean that we have not cut some of our outdoor adventures short because nature is just creeping me out.

Let's use Easter as an example.  Dan and my sister worked which left me and the girls to celebrate the day together.  I didn't want to just sit home.  I also didn't want to attempt going out to a restaurant.  Honestly, I attempted church but it was packed and holding Lilly while wrangling Abby in a standing room only church seemed like more than I could handle.

So, we decided to hit up a local park and have a picnic.  It was such a pretty day and I didn't have a care in the world as I spread out the blanket.  In true Abby fashion, she ran around the grassy field like a maniac and Lilly was contently eating her bottle (after having screamed in the car for 20 minutes).

I called Abby over to get a bite of her sandwich and I noticed something moving amongst her ridiculously full tulle dress.

I didn't want to panic her, since I am desperately trying to not pass my phobias on, so I calmly called her over.  But then I noticed that there wasn't just one thing moving, there were several flies caught in her dress.  Probably from doing stuff like this.


I did my best to get them out without her realizing it BUT then I looked down at my blanket and saw a spider crawling across it.  Well, that was enough to make me stand and eat my sandwich.

I was itchy and felt like bugs were crawling down my pants.  Everywhere I turned I saw something crawling or flying.  After a total fiasco with the bubbles and disappointment over not being able to jump rope as well as she hoped, I finally convinced Abby to pack up our stuff and take a walk.

The wind started picking up and poor Lilly doesn't do well in wind but we I tried to walk in a different direction to shield her.  All the while Abby ran ahead like a mad woman.

Then I saw a turkey vulture.

And then another.

And then there was one that flew so close over our heads I swear it was going to swoop down and pick up one of the girls.

That was when I decided me and nature had to call it a day.  I also no longer cared about passing on my phobias because we needed to high tail it out of there before one of them was confused as prey.

Poor Abby.  Her picnic ended with her crazy mother yelling, "Abby we have to leave now!  Mommy's afraid of the big birds!"

Oy... way to not make her neurotic!


  1. Haha! Sounds familiar! I commend you for trying the "nature thing!"

  2. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh out loud. I am not a big outdoor person either, but my S loves it. I am paranoid about ticks and lyme disease.

    Oh, and I am incredibly impressed that you attempted church by yourself! I have yet to attempt it with my husband to help with my two, never mind alone.

  3. What great pics! I am known to be a non-outdoorsy type, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy sitting on the porch with a glass of wine.



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