Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Hear it for the Birthday Girl!

My little baby celebrated her 3rd birthday this past Saturday.


It is hard to believe that it has been 3 whole years.  In some ways, I feel like she's always been here since I can't imagine my world without her.

In other ways, it has gone by in the blink of an eye.

It's hard to imagine that this dancing, running, climbing bundle of energy was once a tiny newborn who could barely open her eyes.

From itty bitty new baby, she turned into a smiling infant with a bigger than life personality slowly emerging.

From infant, she became a toddler who was running by her first birthday.  Her laughter is infectious and her energy literally comes out of her fingertips.

And now, she's a preschooler.  Any traces of baby are slowly leaving.  She is now a little girl.  A kid.

And, her personality is still larger than life.  She's my rockstar.

She's more than just a bit stubborn and always insists on doing things herself or her own way.

She is the best big sister and always looking for ways to make Lilly happy.  If I forget Lilly's toy, Abby will ask me to go back in to get it.  How can I say no to such an unselfish request?

She's smart.  She loves when I come up with 'lessons' and we sit and learn.  Right now volcanoes are her favorite and she loves to tell everyone what she knows.  I love to look on and the feeling of pride is sometimes overwhelming.

My Abby, the reason I have the most important title in the world:  Mom.  She came into my life right when I needed her the most.  During those dark days, she was my light.  A toothless smile was all it took to make me feel like no matter what, everything would be ok.

Now, instead of toothless smiles I get hugs and kisses and cuddles and the sporadic 'I love you'.  The words and phrases she picks up are so funny.  Like the other day when she just kept repeating, "I love hanging out with my family."

Her birthday, in her own words, was the best birthday ever.  Complete with her best friend and her first crush (yes, and she's been crushing on him for a year so this is serious!).  She got everything her little heart desired from a Toy Story cake to a Dinosaur Train toy and even fireworks at the end.  The firework request was at the end of the night and wouldn't you know that Dan had some stashed away.  Lucky kid let me tell ya!

But really, I am the lucky one.  I have a good little girl whose smart, caring, and responsible enough to let us know when her friends were making there way out of the drive way.  I am one lucky, proud Mommy!  Happy Birthday, you will always be my baby!


  1. My eldest baby just turned two, I turned to my husband and asked "when did he become a boy"? I think each birthday is a process also for the parent to celebrate another year of joys and a realisation that the short time we have our babies goes faster than we ever thought!

  2. I love your blog and am now following you.

  3. Oh, wow! You have a preschooler! Such a big girl! It's great that she loves her sister so much.

  4. I love 3! KLV turned 3 in February and by far it's my favorite age. Happy Bday to Abby and congrats on raising a good girl.



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