Monday, February 6, 2012

Evolution of the Super Bowl: Through a Toddler's Eyes

I was totally going to write a post about the evolution of a Super Bowl game through the eyes of a Super Fan but because I'm a sensitive wife, I decided not to.  That and towards the end of the game I was no longer allowed to take pictures.  Apparently, the Pats did not read my letter... shocking!

Dan literally paced the floors, was sweating bullets and was as angry as the Hulk.  At the very end he began acting like a full blown baby.  I don't get it and never will but I gave him his time to cool down.  Once he was calm, he apologized and said the sweetest thing.

Dan:  "I still win because I have you."
Me:  "Awe, but even if the Pats won that wouldn't make YOU a winner.  It would make them a winner.  Maybe you should just change the team you like to a team that WINS."

Yes, I am the most sensitive wife a man could ask for!

So, since he didn't approve of me making him blog fodder, here's the Evolution of the Super Bowl through the eyes of a toddler!


The family is ready to go.  Even the dog got into the spirit!

Abby was super excited to hear the Patriots sing God Bless America.  Yes, she was confused.  And no, that's not what they sang.

Although she did stand appropriately during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.  She so patriotic!

After all the confusion was straightened out and the singing was over, I realized that the REAL source of her excitement was for the tortilla chips!  Ah, a girl after my own heart!

The Game: 

The game did not live up to the level of excitement that she thought it would so we played doll house and with Mr. Potato Head.

Then it was half time.  Again, she thought the Patriots were going to sing.  She was hugely disappointed until I told her that Madonna was going to sing.  Her response was priceless, "Who's Donna?"

However, she LOVED it!  First, she was super impressed that 'Donna' was in fact a King (She already dealt with enough disappointment so I didn't correct her.)  She loved the dancing and showed off some of her own moves.  She even broke out her microphone.

I may be biased, but I think we may be looking at the future half time show!

For her, half time was over way too quick.  She was so uninterested in football that she actually agreed to go to bed shortly after half time.  She even got ready in record time.  I'd say that was a win for me!  Both girls asleep by 8:30 (until Dan's yelling woke Lilly).

How was game day in your house?  Do you have a Super Fan who was happy or were was the tension thick in your home too?


  1. HIlarious. I love that she thought Madonna was a king. Funny!

  2. Oh goodness this is a cute post! I love the pictures! You are a great wife! I hope you are doing well my friend! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  3. What a good idea. I was busy pinning away on Pinterest during the game. I couldn't care less about football. :)

  4. I just love your recollection of the night! And your girls are adorable.

    1. Oh and to answer your question about how it was at our house...I actually just blogged about it! But to sum up...we had a toddler who got mad every time a commercial came on, a baby who wouldn't stop crying, and a husband who was forced to help make birthday party crafts while watching the game :)

  5. very cute post and the kids are adorable.



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