Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We are finally home after a LONG 10 day vacation.  We went to my in laws which is about 8 hours away and, being the GENIUSES we are, we decided to leave after a birthday party at 10pm.  So, we drove (well, Dan drove) and the girls slept all night long.  Great idea, right?  It worked out perfectly except it set the tone for the theme of the week... sleep deprivation.

Lilly decided that she was no longer going to sleep through the night and woke up 3 times every night.  THREE TIMES!  That wouldn't have been too bad but she also decided that she was going to stay up late screaming for 2 hours every night as well.  Obviously she doesn't like travel!

Other than that the trip was great.  It was a week full of family and mini adventures that has given Abby lots to talk about.  We were able to stop by my dad's on the way home which was an added bonus.  On our way to my dad's we drove past my old middle school and I pointed it out to Abby.

Me:  Abby, mommy went to school there!
Abby:  I gonna go to school too.  You gonna take me momma?
Me:  Sure I'll take you but then I have to leave just like for dancing school.
Abby:  Did your mommy take you there?
Me:  Yup, she sure did.
Abby:  Where's your mommy?

Uh, ya.  This is what I've been afraid of for weeks.  Here we are in the car and there is no way to bypass the question.  She finally asked what I know she's been wanting to ask.  So, I answered her as honestly and as chipper as I could.

Me:  My mommy is Heaven.  Like Jesus.
Abby:  ***CHIRP**** SILENCE

The conversation over but the look on her face told me she was confused.  She just didn't know what to ask next... and I am grateful.

I am still racking my brain for the right words when more questions come but I'm hoping that she will ask them gradually.

On a positive note, my cranky Lilly was all smiles when we finally got home and only woke up twice last night.  Unfortunately, I was still up 3 times because I somehow managed to forget to put Abby's diaper on for bed.  Let's just say that she's definitely not ready to be in undies at bedtime!  

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