Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Internet Shopping Disasters!

Internet shopping attempt #1:
Trying to buy Piggy Paint nail polish for Abby and I somehow managed to send it to my old apartment.  It took me 10 days to realize my mistake.  Thankfully, the new tenants were kind enough not to keep my order and my old landlord grabbed it for me.

Internet shopping attempt #2:
I ordered a bunch of Christmas presents and had them sent to my mom's old house.  I haven't lived there since 2006.  This mistake only took me a few hours to realize.  A couple companies let me change my address but one refused.  After a million emails, they allowed me to cancel my order.

Internet shopping attempt #3:
Today.  I tried to order a basket for my grandmother's walker.  I have been promising it to her since January.  I really wanted to have it shipped to her house so I didn't pay shipping twice.  Of course, I had it shipped to my house.  I quickly changed the shipping address but somehow also changed my billing address.  I literally received 4 order updates from Amazon but I think I FINALLY got it right.

I think I need to quit ordering things online.  Obviously, I am too much of an airhead to get it together.  You would think I would have learned my lesson after attempt #1 but I'm pretty sure I'll be back at it.  There's still a few more places that I have lived that I haven't sent stuff to yet!


  1. That's frustrating! When I leave an address I can hardly remember it. It's gone for good.
    Better luck next time!

  2. Wow, I didn't think online shopping was so hard! Ya maybe stick to in store shopping. :)

  3. Oh, that makes for a funny post, but I'm sure it's not funny to you! I've never had that problem, but I've been living in the same house for over eight years. So that makes things a little easier!



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