Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi My Name is Kasey... and I'm an Addict

It's been 6 hours since my last Mountain Dew.  I have been addicted for years.  I stopped drinking it while I was pregnant only to pick up the habit again.  I drink about 16 ounces a day which didn't sound like a lot to me.  Until recently.  In my never-ending journey to lose weight I signed up for Spark People.  It's a really helpful website that helps you track how many calories, carbs, and fats you consume each day.  There are so many features and resources that I'm still trying to figure out but the daily tracker is awesome!  Unfortunately, it showed me just how many of those daily calories and carbs I'm drinking.  220 Calories and 62 Carbs to be exact.... UGH!
I've been tracking for about 4 days and I know it's time to say good bye to my habit but habits are hard to break.  Right now I'm hungry.  My bag of Sun Chips at Subway along with the Dew I drank has put me a little over my calories for the day.  I'm not way over but I know that if I didn't drink that Dew today then I would be able to have a healthy snack tonight.  It's sad that I am willing to substitute a bottle of soda for food.  Can you say addicted?!?  

As I'm sitting here thinking about what I'm going to eat tomorrow, I find myself still factoring my Dew in.  To eat or to drink... this is a toughie!  As long as I make extremely healthy food choices, it should fit in just fine... Right?  I know, I know. I'll give it up cold turkey as soon as the last 4 bottles are gone!  Pinky promise!

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