Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Someone Pass Me a Tranquilizer!

As I sit here, on my new couch that I LOVE, I've come to a conclusion:  I am a neurotic mess!  Why?  Because I am actually afraid of my couch.

Well, actually I'm afraid of what may (but probably isn't) be living in my couch.  You see, about a week ago we discovered that we had an unwelcome pet that was living in our home.  He ate our hot dog rolls and investigated our entire kitchen and pantry.  I know there are people who find mice cute but I'm not one of those people.  I especially don't find them cute enough to share my food with.

I was totally freaked.  Especially since I ate an english muffin out of the same drawer the hot dog rolls were in.  YUCK!  I felt sick and was definitely having a panic attack.  Abby on the other hand, found me hysterical!  Every time Dan said another spot he saw evidence of our intruder, I would panic and say "oh my God."  Abby thought this was the funniest thing she ever heard!

So, after a little bit of persuasion (arguing), my husband agreed to hire an exterminator.  I know it sounds crazy, but mice carry disease!  And, I'm here alone a lot of the time so we needed to take care of this ASAP!  This may sound even crazier, but I was actually thinking that the exterminator would hunt down the mouse and remove it.  Hah!  Silly me!  I paid a ridiculous amount of money for him to put baits and sticky things around.  The removal of the mouse was our job!  GREAT!

So, we caught the mouse that night and the husband did what husbands do and I didn't have to see the poor mouse suffer (see, I do have a heart!).  There has been no other evidence of any more mice which is great news!  However, we had to sign a year contract with the exterminator so this would probably qualify the most expensive mouse assassination ever.

Ok, so I bet you're wondering why I'm afraid of my couch.  Well, I mentioned my mouse problem to my best friend a little while ago and she told me a story about a family member who had a mouse family living in their couch but they had no idea.  FANTASTIC!  Now, I'm itchy.  I'm hearing squeaky noises. I swear I see movement out of the corner of my eye.

So, why don't I just go into another room?  Because last night my husband made me watch Friday the 13th and I'm scared shitless that Freddy Kruger is outside my window!  I told you I'm a neurotic mess!


  1. About 6 months ago...we had a mouse in our couch. I wrote all about it and spent 3-4 days in my bedroom (because I thought the mouse couldn't climb stairs) and I called it The Panic Room.

    I also made my husband take the couch to the garage.

    You are not alone in your fear!!

  2. We had mice last winter, and I had to take care of them myself! (My husband works so much that I just did it!) YUCK! They are adorable, BUT NOT IN YOUR HOUSE!

    Your experience with the exterminator actually made me feel better, though, because I must be just as capable as they are...I caught three mice! This year, I sprinkled peppermint oil in our garage, which is how they got in. It's supposed to be a natural deterrent, and it had better work!

  3. You poor thing, I couldn't imagine that. I hope you find relief from this soon!!

  4. Oh no! You went from the mouse to freddie- your in trouble. I'm sure there was just one mouse. Keep a few traps or baits out just to make sure. As I'm typing this, I know I would feel JUST like you are though. Good luck!!!

  5. They do carry disease and although I don't mind them all that much I wouldn't want to share my food with them either.

    Now we have two cats we don't really have a problem, we tried those high pitch things before though but I could hear them faintly.

    I'm sure you could have got a mouse trap a lot cheaper than the exterminator, can't believe you had to sign a year contract!

    Hope there's no more little furry friends around.



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