Saturday, January 8, 2011

How Do You Say "Thank You"?

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Let me start by being totally honest:  I'm not very good at sending out thank you cards (or anything that requires a stamp).  My wedding thank you cards were way late (by about a year).  My thought on thank you cards is that if you say "Thank you" in person or over the phone then you shouldn't have to send a card unless you feel you want to.

That said, I am shocked by the number of gifts I gave over the holiday season that I did not receive a thank you for.  Since we live so far from family, most of these gifts were not given in person so I would have expected a phone call, text, or even a Facebook message letting me know they got the gift and appreciated it.  Like I said, I'm not picky and could care less about how you say thank you as long as you do.  Most gifts I gave weren't extravagant but the point is that I thought of them, right?  I didn't even get a thank you for some of the checks that were given although I know they got them because they were cashed.

Again, I'm not a stickler for etiquette but "Thank You" should be something that comes as second nature.  Maybe I'm just a little sour because I gave a gift to a kid who shall remain nameless and did not receive a thank you.  Instead, this kid asked me what else I got them.  For the record, this is not the first time that this child did not receive a gift graciously.  I'm not judging the child, nor the parent, and hope this is just a stage that this kid is going through but regardless it was very surprising to witness.

So, I now understand why some people got so mad when my Thank You cards were sent out so late.  It's nice to know a gift you give is appreciated.  I don't give a gift to hear a thank you but it is nice to know that the person received the gift when I wasn't able to give it in person.  And, after witnessing what it feels like to be on the receiving end of an ungrateful kid, I know how important it is to teach Abby to appreciate what others do for her.  So, we started that lesson as soon as we got home by writing Thank You cards to everyone who thought of us during the holidays.  She even signed them in her own special way!  My hope is that by starting early, saying thank you will become natural to her.

So, what is everyone else's take on Thank You cards?  How do you let others know their gift was appreciated?  How do you teach your children to show gratitude?


  1. I need to have my kids write Thank You Cards for their gifts. I've been meaning to all week.

    I've never received a Thank You card...ever.

  2. I am among friends who send TUs and I love getting them. I do not however do them for xmas. That reminds me though, I haven't sent a TU to a family member that suprisingly sent a gift....thanks for the reminder.

  3. I send thank you cards, but have become a little less diligent about it the past few years as a mom. However, I will always say thank you! I like to say thank you by surprising people with a gift back or doing something kind. I will call and say thank you as long as a thank you happens. I am not sure why people can't even say thank you for holding a door open for them. That gets me upset. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. I'm still playing catch up with reading blogs from unplugging over the holidays but had to comment. No thank you drives me crazy! When we were young my mom tried to get us to write notes/cards and I was with u I said thank u why bother. Then I started knitting and the boy's brother didn't thank me for the handmade sweaters I knit his kids. Anger. My solution? Books instead. I now refuse to knit for them. And the boy is fine with that too. If someone gets u something I don't think you need to write them a card but u do need to let them know u appreciate their effort.



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