Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Lucky Day

Check out these boots... aren't they just too cute?  

I absolutely love them and since I have been feeling a bit frumpy lately, I bought them right before New Years Eve.  I think I've worn them about 4 times.  I love them but sometimes they're not practical... plus, they don't go with the sweat pants I tend to run out of the house in.

Well, the other day we all went shopping and I decided to wear them.  I also had a lucky feeling that I was going to win the lottery and wanted to stop and check my ticket to see if I was the worlds newest millionaire.  I bought the ticket the other day finally after 3 attempts.  I had no idea that some convenient stores don't sell lottery tickets.  

The entire day was incident free and on the way home we pulled up to the convenient store.  I had what was sure to be the winning ticket in my hand.  I was confident, excited, so sure of myself but when I opened the car door and started standing up there was something wrong.

It all happened really fast and I couldn't react.  It felt like my body was possessed.  It was moving on it's own.  I was falling but not falling.  I was almost falling and walking at the same time.  I COULD NOT stop my legs from moving.  As I was falling and walking (about a mile according to Dan) I saw the curb.

I knew this wasn't going to pretty.  It already wasn't pretty.  I tried to stop myself with my hands but my feet kept going.  I finally stopped when I tripped up the curb.  I landed in a pile of dirt that was only there to make my fall more mortifying.  

EMBARRASSING!  My husband, who claims to have been very concerned for my safety, did not get out of the car until I was sitting on the side walk laughing.  He swears that it kept looking like I had it but then I would start falling again so he wasn't sure he should get out.  I think he was too busy laughing and wanted to make sure he had his smirk hidden until he knew if I was hurt.

Let's face it, I would have laughed if it was him.  It was too funny although also slightly painful.

Judging by the hole in my jeans, my heel must have got caught on them somehow.  I wasn't too concerned because I had a winning lottery ticket!

So, I started the day feeling so good.  Rocking my boots.  Holding my winning lottery ticket.  Let's just say, the day didn't go quite as planned.

On the plus side, the fall didn't break my heel!  Hmm, maybe tomorrow is my lucky day?


  1. LOL they don't go with sweat pants!

    Glad you're okay!

  2. Oh no! I hate falls like that but I do appreciate the good laugh they provide afterward. Glad your okay. Now you have to tell us how much you won!?!

  3. You are so cute Kasey! It is tough looking pretty! I do not wear high heels any more. I have my mommy sweats and my sneakers or lately my snow boots. I am happy you are OK my friend. When I fell in the summer I really sprained my foot and that took a long time to get better. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. Love the boots, it's amazing how something like wearing a new thing can give us more confidence. Such a shame that you fell over though - I hope you were ok!

  5. OMG - best laugh I had all day!! So glad I found you on Mom Bloggers. Your site is beautiful and your writing style is wonderful! Will visit again!

    Hope you will check out my site and like it enough to follow: www.babysmartees.blogspot.com

    Happy weekend, Paula



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