Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dog Did It

Did I ever tell you that my dog is a monster?  Almost everyday, I fantasize about him running away or finding someone that just loves him and can't wait to take him off my hands.

I mean, I do love him.  I picked him (as my husband kindly reminds me every time I say he's a beast).  But he just drives me crazy on a daily basis.  He barks at everything from school buses to people when we're on walks, he's a nervous tinkler, and he sometimes has an issue with going to the potty in the house.

Sounds great, right?  Well, let me tell you how not so great it is.  Since we're buying a house and closing is a couple weeks before Christmas, we decided to start the packing early.  So, I'm in the process of decluttering, cleaning, and packing which means that most of the normal everyday stuff is pushed aside some days.  The other day, my apartment looked like a bomb went off.  You literally had to step over a mess of stuff to come in the door.

The plan was to get a bunch of it done during Abby's nap but about an hour into her nap there was a knock on the door followed by barking from my beast.  I went to the door and it was a termite inspector from the HOA.  I completely forgot they were coming to check out the apartments and was beyond mortified.  I let him in and explained how I was packing and have a baby and it doesn't normally look like this and how "oh my god, I am so embarrassed!!".  He was laughing and said not to worry so I put the dog in my bedroom while the guy checked everything.

Then, he needed to get into my room... where the dog was.  I opened the door and did a quick scan around the room to make sure there wasn't anything too embarrassing laying around.  I picked JR up, let the guy in, and as I'm walking down the hallway I hear something go 'ploop'.  I pause for a second in disbelief and think, "oh no, he didn't".  Then I turn and look, "oh yes, he did".

I quickly run to put the dog on the porch and clean up his mess before this guy steps in it.  I am successful and as he leaves I'm grateful that he come across the gift my dog left.

Hours... HOURS... later, I go into my room and on the side of the bed that I can't see from the door, there is a lovely present from my dog.  I am livid!  I am embarrassed!  I am ready to give him away!

I go out to the living and tell my husband what 'HIS' dog did and he cleans it up.  I tell my husband about the termite inspector and he says, "Don't worry, I'm sure the guy knew the dog did it."

I stare at him blankly for a second.  Are you saying that there's a chance the guy could have thought I did it?!?

I love animals.  I really do.  In reality, I know it would be hard to give him away because he's like family to me.  That being said... anyone interested in adopting a dog?


  1. That's too funny! And I say that because I have similar dog.
    Honestly, I'm pretty sure she's has mental issues! We have an invisible dog fence which should deter her... nope. She runs the line and barks at it as it zaps her.
    The best thing yet.... we have a 24 ft round pool. She pulled the cover almost all the way off of it and in the process shredded part of it. We had to re-close the pool in the freezing weather this past weekend!
    Wanna trade?

  2. Kasey, good stuff! Your stories about your dear doggie are the main reason we don't have pets. My heart really wants a dog but I have a busy toddler who makes a mess out of most of the day - I'm not sure the love for a messy animal would make me happier. Someday....

  3. Kasey, that is really hard to deal with, especially with a child. It is a lot of extra work and I bet your frazzled because of it often. When Little Chick was a baby my two dogs peed everywhere. They were jealous and I creid a lot. Every morning I would wake up to pee all over the kitchen floor. It is very sressful. They got better when they realized that Little Chick was part of the family. I hope it gets better. Have a good night!

    Mama Hen

  4. Last week my kitty peed just below the step to the den. I was running to get the kids on the bus and flew across the room when I hit the puddle. But I always love our animals. It all gets better...and easier.
    I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SURPRISING ME AND VISITING my site from the NESTWORK. It was a shock - how wonderful to feel special by someone - you and Mama Hen have made my day!
    I'm a proud follower of yours!!



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