Saturday, March 10, 2012


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There was no amount of coffee that would make Abby's 5:50 am wake up call ok (Mommmmmmyyyyyy, come get meeee).  It has been way too many nights of Lilly sleeping only 3 hours at a time.  My body is tired, my brain is mush.  Last night I actually fell asleep feeding Lilly and woke up with bottle in hand and her nestled in the crook of my arm with no memory of the time I actually got up to get her.  (For the record, it scared the hell out of me and she will no longer be getting nighttime feedings in my bed).

Thankfully, Dan gave me the opportunity to nap today for 2 hours and I feel like a new woman!

It's now 9 pm and my girls are asleep (for now).  Dan and my sister are working.  The only sounds I hear are the dishwasher and the dryer.

Silence is a beautiful thing!


  1. Your poor thing! Sometimes I think it's good you cannot remember certain things with a newborn because it would scare you from having another children (it's just too hard to think about).
    Hang in there!

  2. I love those sounds, especially when the kids are in bed!

  3. Silence is wonderful! Sometimes after a busy day with the little ones, those few minutes at the end of the day are just what I need to feel refreshed. I'm sorry your little one isn't sleeping well. I know how that is. We had 3 nights in a row of no waking...I thought for sure he was turning a corner! Now he's back to getting up 3-4 times a night. It's so hard. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you get some sleep soon. :)



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