Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello Spring!!!

Abby was waiting all winter for snow.  She couldn't wait to get out and make snow angels and a snowman.  Here in Maryland, we didn't get enough to do much more than look at.

She knew that when we went to Massachusetts, her Mema and Papa would give her snow and by some miracle they were able to make that happen.

She got to sled
 and make her snowman (a small one at least).

Except the snow didn't quite live up to her expectations.  She didn't like making snow angels and was pretty disappointed when she danced around her snowman and it didn't come alive like Frosty.

Nope, I don't think my girl is the winter weather type.  Warm days, like the ones we have had this past week, are much more her style.

Walking on the beach, playing in the yard, going to the park... those are the things that she loves and we have been making sure to take advantage of every day.

Oh, and Lilly just couldn't be any happier with the change of scenery!

Hope your enjoying the spring weather where you live!  


  1. I am a spring kind of girl myself!

  2. We barely got any snow this winter, too, which was kinda disappointing! Today it reached 80 in Chicago...very strange weather for March, but nobody's complaining!

  3. It was so sad to not have any snow this weekend! We definitely wasted money on snow pants and boots. And now that we've been having such amazing spring weather, it better stay nice! Beautiful pictures of your girls, they definitely look like they are enjoying the weather :)

  4. And I totally meant "this winter" not "this weekend" lol

  5. We had a very warm winter this year too in CT. I have to admit I was disappointed since I bought my little boy snow pants and boots that I think he wore a total of 3 times. Oh well...Now that it's been in the 60's all week, the Spring Fever has definitely taken over. Nothing beats long walks and playtime at the park! Enjoy.

  6. Great pictures! Love that little snowman. Can't believe how big Lily is - what happened?!?!??!



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