Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Found the Perfect Pet on Pinterest

We made it through our little fish situation relatively damage free.  Except Abby has not wanted to use the reward system that earned her the fish (not surprising, dead fish are the worst reward ever!) and she has not asked for her replacement fish yet.

So, I decided to go ahead and make that little fake fish at the bottom of my fish post.  I found it on Pinterest, but the original idea comes from here.

It seemed easy enough, using magnets and a paper clip to make the fish float and wiggle.  Except, anything that has to do with a fish in this house does not work out very well.  To begin with, I couldn't find a fish bowl with a lid so I used a candle jar.

First, I couldn't get the magnets to stick.  Then, Abby stuck them to the floor while I tried to glue them.  Once they were all glued into place, I'm guessing that they just weren't strong enough.

So, I improvised.  Our fish's string is stuck to the lid so it looks like it's floating.  To make it wiggle, you move the jar.  Not quite the same but close enough.

Abby loves it, even without magnets, and now she has a fish that will survive while we're on vacation!

Thank you Pinterest for being a source of awesome ideas - now can you please change your terms which I will not pretend to even begin to understand but I know it has a lot of people all bent out of shape and deleting their boards.

Oh, and you can follow me on Pinterest, here!


  1. Very clever! And a good way to keep a fish alive :-) *Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  2. Funny! You and fish have an interesting relationship. Haven't heard about the pinterest controversy...



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