Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TV or No TV?

This post is days in the making.  Every time I try to sit down and write, something or someone gets in my way.  We have been so busy unpacking, decorating for Christmas, and my Dad and brother arrived on Monday to stay the week to help get some things done and celebrate Christmas.  To say it's been busy is an understatement.

But, that's not the real reason I haven't been online.  No matter how busy I am, I can usually squeeze in moments here and there.  The real reason is that apparently the cable company doesn't supply their customers with a wireless router unless they get a special request.  So, I have to connect with an ethernet cable which is in the family room in the basement.  The ethernet cable is short so I literally am using the subwoofer for the TV as my desk.

Did I also mention that this is where the main TV is?  The only other TV we have right now is in my bedroom, which I rarely go into during the day.

So, basically I have hardly been online and hardly watched TV since Thursday and ya know... I have to say that it's been kind of nice.  It's nice to listen to music and see Abby run around and play without being distracted by one of her shows.  It feels like we've gone back to basics and it's refreshing.

On the other hand, the internet is something I miss.  I miss drinking my coffee and checking my email.  I miss not being able to move my computer to whatever room I'm in.  So, on the list today is a wireless router.  It's a necessity.

Another TV, however, is on the bottom of the list.  We have a living room upstairs so there is definitely room for it but I'm not too anxious to put one in there.  Dan thinks I'm crazy and is planning on getting one after Christmas.  My brother agrees with Dan and said that it's not the 1950's anymore.  He thinks it's strange to have a living room without a TV.

So, what do you guys think?  How many TVs do you have and are they on all day like in my house?


  1. We only have one tv. and only watch movies a couple times a week. I personally feel that having a tv in each room is a waste of money. If it were up to me.. we would not have a tv at all.
    Just my opinion. you asked!

  2. We have one TV and it's on most of the time. We do take little breaks from it and the kids are getting tired of their one channel of cartoons (we don't have cable).

    My husband will not let me have a TV in our room. Sometimes, I'd really love to just lay in bed and watch a movie.

  3. How is the new place?? Are things settling down a little? We are getting close to being done...yey!! I just had to beg my husband to let us have a TV in our bedroom lol! He says we do not need one because I will just stay up instead of sleeping (I always have a bad time of falling asleep) but I told him it will help! lol we will see...but I agree with the peacefulness of no TV as we went through the same thing before the cable got hooked up a few days after moving in!! Hope all is well!!

  4. We have two TV's and my daughter watches just a couple of DVD's each day. I do not watch any TV during the day and work on my computer at night while I have the TV on in the background. I think that every home has different needs. You have to do what works best for you and your family. When we did not have TV for a couple days it was not fun. Somehow I miss it more when I can't use it. Like my computer that did not work for a month and finally got fixed last week. Thank you for your support during this time. My husbnad is doing better and I hope he will be out of the hospital soon. I want to wish you a very happy New Year filled with great health, happiness and plenty of laughter my friend!

    Mama Hen



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