Monday, December 6, 2010

Oops... I broke the Budget!

I mentioned the other day that I prefer shopping in stores as opposed to online but last night sealed the deal.   I can't be trusted to shop online.  I sat down last night to shop for Dan and I got so caught up in being able to shop multiple places and compare prices that I got confused.

And overwhelmed.

And a little click happy.

At one point, I had 3 stores open with stuff in each cart.  I then forgot about one whole order and almost ordered the same thing from another store.

Then, Toys R Us decided to take something out of my cart due to low inventory and by the time I realized the item was no longer available.  I'm still trying to figure out how they can do this.  If I had something in my cart at the store they wouldn't be able to take it back because I was shopping too long.  I feel like I was robbed.  It's kind of like some crazy mom stealing from your cart when you turn around to look at something... not cool!

At the end of night, I tallied up my purchases and thought 'oh, sh**'.  Out of the 4 things on Dan's list, I purchased 2.  I also purchased 8 things not on his list that at the time seemed like small things but added up to way over budget.  Um, what in the world was I doing?

I've decided that I am way too unorganized to shop online.  I need to see the items I purchased and feel them in my hands in order for my brain to know it's time to stop spending.  I need a destination, with a list, and fewer options than what is available online.

At least Dan will be happy on Christmas.  Of course he wasn't mad... it meant more presents for him!  Although, it does make his shopping harder because right now my list consists of a pair of comfy pants from Old Navy and a mascara... he's got a lot of catching up to do!

Hmm, maybe I should continue shopping so he feels obligated to put some diamonds or a Coach bag under the tree?  I'll have to remember that idea next year!


  1. HAHA You sound exactly like me when I am in shop mode!!

  2. I have the opposite problem. I went to Target today and only bought 3 presents. But I spent $144. Oops!

  3. I love your gift list. And yes, so easy to overspend doing online shopping. But it does help for comparing of prices and getting reviews. Then head to the store when the sales hit.



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