Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fa La La La La

We are in full Christmas mode but have so much left to do!  Abby is literally counting down the days until Santa comes!  She still won't take a picture with him but was ambushed yesterday.  We went to see some Christmas lights and Santa was there.  She debated whether to go see him but she couldn't resist the candy cane!
I wish I was just a little quicker!  
We've also been spending time making salt dough ornaments, which is apparently serious business!

And, making (eating) a gingerbread choo choo train!

Oh, and we've been wrapping presents like crazy.  Well, the ones that are here.  Did I mention I have a terrible habit of mailing things to the wrong address?  I know I'm an airhead!  A few months ago I had something mailed to my old apartment, which my old landlord thankfully intercepted for me.  This time I had stuff mailed to my mom's house which is where my brothers still live.  So, wrapping won't officially be done until Christmas Eve but we're close!

Tonight starts the baking extravaganza!  Too much to do and too little time, especially with an infant who has a tendency to scream from 8 til 11 at night!  I feel an all nighter coming up soon!

What are you all up to for the holidays?


  1. Your household sounds a lot like mine - tons going on, but still TONS more to do! Merry Christmas!

  2. I used to love salt dough and will definitely bring out the recipe when the temps start to rise this summer. Hoping your newborn settles a bit!

  3. It all looks so wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  4. I love that gingerbread choo choo! Merry Christmas my friend! I am so happy to see you back in the blogland again! I hope you are doing great! Wishing you the best always!

    Mama Hen



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