Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abby's New BFF

I can handle my little beast of a dog barking at everything from people to inanimate objects.

I can handle my little beast of a dog going to the bathroom in my house because he's over excited or because he's mad at me.

I can handle my little beast of a dog acting like a crotchety old man when I do something he doesn't like.

I can't handle my little beast of a dog acting that way to Abby.  I wish that after almost 2 years he would have warmed up to her.  She loves him unconditionally and would do anything if it meant he would give her the time of day.  Normally, the only time he wants to be even remotely close to her is when she's eating and she'll happily sacrifice her entire meal.

My in laws were visiting this past week and they brought their dog, Tessy, with them.  Tessy couldn't be more different from my overgrown rat, JR.  Tessy loves Abby and will tolerate all forms of abuse without so much as a snarl.

There is nothing cuter than a kid with a dog.  She actually pointed to Tessy at one point and said "Tessy, I love you."  They left yesterday and Abby has been asking for her all morning.

Is it wrong to want to exchange your dog for a better model for Abby's sake?


  1. I agree...nothing cuter than a kid with their beloved doggie!!

  2. I love dogs who are good with kids and I really dislike dogs who are not. My family has dogs that aren't necessarily kid friendly so I totally understand...

  3. It's amazing how different dogs have different demeanors with kids. Give your dog time. He might come around as your litte one gets older.



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