Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Ducks Attack

I have a zillion phobias... mainly having to do with nature.  Which is funny because I majored in Environmental Science.  Anyway, my biggest fear is spiders.  I hate them and quite honestly, I think they have it out for me.  I see them everywhere but usually when I'm alone and sometimes they even crawl on me.  Never my husband, only me.  It's a conspiracy, I tell you.  They want to eat my brains!

Ok, so I know I'm ridiculous but today I realized that I am ridiculous on so many levels.  It was such a nice day that I decided to take Abby to visit the ducks.  We took a couple strolls around the pond looking for the ducks who seemed to always be on the opposite side of us.  Finally, there was one sad looking goose with what looked like a broken wing (poor guy).  I wheeled Abby closer to the pond and pulled out our bread.  Abby loved it and I kept throwing it some bread.

Shortly after, 2 ducks from the other side of the pond must have caught wind of what was going on because they flew on over.  Abby was so excited!

Then a couple more flew over.  Abby was beaming, leaning forward in her stroller, and chatting with her new friends who by now had made their way out of the water.

But then it happened... what felt like 40 ducks, all out of the water and all coming closer and closer to us.

I could feel myself panicking and kept trying to reassure myself that ducks are harmless.  It didn't help... my heart was racing.  Could something as cute and innocent as a duck really be scaring the bejesus out of me?

Yup... I was scared but I tried not to panic.  We calmly walked back up the hill with all those little ducks following us and made a run for it!

I felt kind of crazy so when I got home I looked it up and ducks do attack.  Apparently, they flap their wings a lot, try to bite and make lots of noise.  Honestly, I wouldn't be scared of a duck or two but a flock (or is it gaggle?) is a different story.  I guess we won't be feeding them when Daddy's not around anymore.  Add ducks to my list of phobias... I am absolutely ridiculous.  If this keeps up, I may become a total shut in!

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