Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Restarting My Day

After a weekend filled with too much junk food and one too many cocktails, I woke up Monday morning excited to try Dr. Oz's 48 hour cleanse.

Yes, I thought, just what I need to discipline myself!  I knew my hardest hurdle was not drinking my usual half a pot of coffee.  However, a lot of people reported feeling energized so I was hopeful that I would too.

Here's a quick recap of how my day went down:

7 am  
Made and sat down to eat my Quinoa with prunes.  Discovered that I REALLY can not stomach prunes.  Ate a few and then tried to eat around them.  Left about half the bowl since the Quinoa was covered in prune juice.

8 am
Starving and tired but tried to ignore it.

9 am
Decide it's time to make the Detox drink.  Off I go, chopping and pouring everything into my blender.  Secretly hoping that this drink will work a miracle and give me energy since my eyes are now tearing from being so tired.

10 am
After many interruptions by my kiddos, and fighting with my blender, I finally have my green drink ready to go.  After 1 sip, I'm not too sure if I like the leafy texture.  After the second sip, I am sure that I can't handle the leafy texture.  All my hard work goes down the drain, literally.

11 am
I am already thinking about lunch: a banana/blueberry smoothie.  Problem is:  we are out of bananas!  Instead of risking not having any food until dinner, I decide to make vegetable soup.  Both my girls want to share and, since this is the first time Abby actually WANTS to eat vegetables, I begrudgingly share (and continue to be hungry and in desperate need for caffeine).

12 to 1 pm
Lunch time for my girls, followed by nap time.  I beg Abby to please nap since I am too tired to keep my eyes open. 

2:30 pm
I wake up from my nap and, before I can even open my eyes, I stuff my face full of Oreos.  By the time I realize what I'm doing, I've eaten about 8.  Instead of stopping there, I eat a few more since I didn't really enjoy the first few considering I was barely awake.

I then decide to restart my day, make coffee, and abandon all ideas of Detoxing. 

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  1. You are so funny! This sounds about right! I need to lose about 35 pounds and just have not been able to get motivated. In the past I would gain the most 5 pounds, but always knew I could lose it with a little extra exercise and a few days of eating some salads and water. Now I just want the oreos and a delicious cup of coffee, not to mention the bacon egg and cheese in the morning! I have found that all those years of trying to stay thin and not having a cookie or two has lead to too many cookies and really liking them so much that I can't imagine starving or eating a green detox drink. I know I have to get motivated soon, because this detour has gone on too long, but goodness those oreos taste so good! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen



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