Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hiatus Recap... Hello Again!

I have started and stopped this post more times than I can count.

Things have been hectic.  Dan has been working long, crazy hours.  My kids are changing through routines faster than I can adjust to them.


Blogging has taken a back seat to all the chaos and I miss it.  Here's a quick picture recap of our lives the past few months.

We vacationed... and wished we could back!

We got messy... A LOT!

 We explored.

Abby started dancing.

And learning (well, I always try to give her learning experiences but now we're a bit more structured).

I even knocked a few things off my Pinterest bucket list!

 To top it all off, Lilly has been taking her first steps!  I wish I had some good video but she likes to walk to me and for only short distances.  Hopefully I'll be able to show off her new accomplishment soon!

I also hope that this post gives me the motivation to blog again.  The longer I went without blogging, the harder is was to put a post together.  Now, I just need to find time... or make time... is there a recipe for that?

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