Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This Time I REALLY Got Myself Good!

Know what it feels like to get hit in the head with a metal pole?  No?  Well, unfortunately I now do.

It was an innocent, how did I not see it, wish I could rewind my day by 10 seconds so I could take it back, mistake.  I turned to say hi to a friend, turned back around to climb up and help Abby, and SMACK!  I saw stars, blood (oh, so much blood), and knew our trip to the park was about to be cut way short.

There were a couple things running through my mind right after it happened:  Is Abby ok?  Did she see it (no, thank god)?  Did I just rip my nose off?  Shoot, my new coat!  Shoot, Shoot, Shoot... my jeans!  Crap, I'm gonna scar!  Crap, I already broken blood vessels in that spot!  Crap, Crap, Crap... my nose really doesn't need anymore character than it already has!  Yes, I'm slightly vain... honestly, the pain was secondary.  I REALLY did not want to scare Abby or my friends daughter so I think that's why all of these other thoughts were running through my mind.  I think it was my way of trying to ignore the crazy amount of pain I was in!

After a half an hour of trying to get the car seat out of one car into the other.  Another 15 minutes driving home and waking up Dan to take me to the hospital.  Another 15 minutes going back to get my car.  And finally another 20 minutes to the hospital, I was finally in the ER... an hour and a half later.  The bleeding slowed down and I do think that the girl at the front desk thought I was being dramatic.  She kept saying, "Really, it's not bleeding that bad."  I kept saying, "Oh, it was.  It's deep.  It's not bleeding that bad NOW but it was."  She was equally rude when I left.

So, into the waiting room we go.  Dan, who also thought I was being a bit of a drama queen, finally realized that it was pretty bad.  I guess that realization was bit too much to handle because a few minutes later he looked at me and said, "I just felt my blood pressure drop.  I'm psyching myself out.  I feel like I'm gonna pass out."

So, here I am.  I a major head ache.  A gash on my nose.  And now my husband is turning pasty and thinks he's going to drop.  So, with as much sympathy and tact as I could muster, I tell him that it's not that bad and he needs to stop thinking about passing out.  For some reason, he gets up and starts walking around the room.  He was talking but all the sudden his face changes and I know what is about to happen.  I jump out of bed and catch him.  I yell for help while I prop him up using the wall, bed, and my own body.

Yup, I caught a 185 lb man after having lost half my blood... I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR... LOL!

So, Dan and I switch places.  He gets the bed and they bring him some juice.  The funny part?  He's a cop in a county that has seen something ridiculous like 16 homicides since the start of the year.  He sees gross stuff all the time!  But my little boo boo was enough to make him lose it.... I guess he loves me!

They bring in another bed so I could get my stitches.  We had our own little his and hers suite!  At the end of the day, Dan was fine, I had 3 stitches, and Abby got to play with her friend and had no clue what happened.  Exciting, huh?!?!

It really would have been so much worse if my friend wasn't there.  I can't believe that we both kept our cool!  I owe her for helping out with Abby and I can't thank her enough!


  1. Oh my gosh! What a story!!

    Glad you are both doing better!

  2. Oh, even got stitches! I would be just as vain in all those first thoughts. I just think it is so funny that your husband fainted...and he's a cop! I hope your nose heals fast!

  3. WOW! You've had some bad accidents but this one is the tops. Too funny about your husband. Hope your having a nice weekend - pain free.

  4. Love this story! When I gave birth to my second son my husband about passed out and he NEVER does that. Instead of him letting me hold his hand tight and coaching me through the pain I was asking him if he was okay.

    Are you okay now? How is the nose? Is your husband's pride a little bruised? ;)

  5. Oh goodness! I have to tell you that I actually did run into a metal pole. A lot went through my mind, but it was during intermission of a play that I was starring in. I went outside to get some air and I am blind without my glasses and turned into a metal pole. I saw stars. Some cast members helped me inside and through some cold water on my face and sent me back on stage. Ha! The show must go on! :) You were right to go to the ER and get it taken care of. And the lady who said it was not that bad probably never bumped her head into a metal pole before. I hope you come and enter my Erno Laszlo giveaway! This would be perfect to make yourself feel better! It is a really good one and I never do giveaways! Have a great night my friend and feel better!

    Mama Hen



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